Luke Graduates from his DocBand/Helmet!

Luke graduated from his DocBand on Tuesday! Yippee. We are very happy to be done with it. He had it on for 15 weeks and progress was actually really great. They take before and after photos and it was sort of hard to see the real change in the pictures because Luke FREAKED out during the photo session. He has been scared of some strangers these days so he cried most of the time and it was hard to get him to sit in the direction that was needed. He cried during the 3D scan as well. They put a nylon sock over his head and he screamed. I don’t blame him but when they did it 4 months ago, he laughed! He also had no problems with the pictures on his initial appointment. I guess at 14 months he’s more aware. They took measurements which they say really are only for insurance purposes but I like to see numbers. His Cranial Vault Assymetry measurement (which is the overall measurement, I think) was 10 mm and now it is 2 mm. In the initial assessment, they said they didn’t think that he would get any lower than 5mm which is mild plagiocephaly and he began with moderate. 1-3 mm is normal for any head. She said you rarely see 1 mm and 2 mm and there were several in his measurements. So, I am very happy that we did this and thrilled that the results exceeded our expectations. Strangely enough, we think Luke misses his helmet, he hasn’t been sleeping as well at night. The sleeping could also be the fact that he just started walking, I think that there is typically sleep disruption when they reach milestones. Above are some pictures of Luke at his last appointment day! Congrats to Luke for being such a trooper through this process!!


3 Responses to Luke Graduates from his DocBand/Helmet!

  1. Aimee says:

    Congrats Luke!!!!! WOW…how wonderful that must be to finally have Luke band-free! What a cutie pie!

  2. mymaysa says:

    I stumbled upon your post by accident. We are also in the Metro DC area but are seeing Amber, not Sheryl. I haven’t read through all your post but it seems like Luke got his helmet when he was about 10 months old. My daughter got hers 3 weeks ago at 9 and a half months. We’ve already started seeing improvement. I am so thrilled because we had such a bad experience with Eastern Cranial Affiliates. It is so reassuring to see that even starting at 10 months old babies can see such great correction.

    Congratulations! Luke looks great.

    • walshboys says:

      Thanks! We actually also saw Amber at Cranial Tech a few times and she is good as well. We had a great experience and really yielded results that were better than I would’ve expected. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Good luck!

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